Liphook Community Laundry

Welcome to Liphook Community Laundry

The Community Support Laundry of Liphook is a charitable organisation providing a personalised service for the over 65s and those who are infirm or short-term incapacitated to wash, dry & iron your laundry including sheets and towels etc.

It is also available for younger people who have problems coping with their washing.

Our Services

The laundry opening hours are:
Tuesday 9.00am - 12.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am - 12.00pm
Thursday 9.30am - 10.30am

Laundry is washed, dried and ironed for a cost of £7.50 per bag, for a washing machine load (laundry bags are available at £2 and £4).


We offer thorough washing services for all types of clothing and linens. Our machines are capable of handling heavy loads and delicate fabrics alike.


Our drying services ensure your laundry is dry and ready to use. We use efficient dryers to minimize waiting times and energy use.


Our team ensures your garments are wrinkle-free and neatly folded.

About Us

Liphook Community Laundry is a non-profit organization providing affordable laundry services to the community. Established to help those in need, we offer a range of services to ensure everyone has access to clean clothing.

Approximately twenty years ago a group of Liphook residents, headed by Harry Haskell the then chairman of the Parish Council, decided that the small room on the side of the Peak Centre would be an ideal room for a laundry for the elderly and their carers. They felt it was a much needed facility as wet washing is very heavy, drying it is often difficult, particularly in the winter months, and standing ironing is almost impossible for some elderly people. They also thought that being located on the side of the Day Centre it would be a perfect site. The original room was not big enough but with the help of some local builders they extended the building and put in a washing machine, tumble dryer and ironing press. They then found a lovely local lady called Di Allen to employ as laundress. Since then Age Concern of Liphook had managed the laundry successfully, not only doing the washing for the elderly, but also for carers of very ill people.

Unfortunately, in July 2011 it was announced that Age Concern had decided to close the laundry, when their lease ran out on 24th December, as they felt it was no longer needed and it was losing money. A few local people got together and decided that if there had been a need twenty years ago there was an even greater need now. People are living a lot longer and are being encouraged to live and remain in their own homes as long as possible. The laundry service was felt essential to meet these needs and a group of local residents got together and The Community Support Laundry of Liphook was then formed.

If you have relatives, friends or neighbours who you think may benefit from this service please ring Helen or Barbara for more information or pop in to the laundry during opening hours.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need our services, feel free to reach out to us:

Next to The Peak Centre
Midhurst Road
GU30 7TN

Helen Brown: 01428 722875
Barbara Frost: 01428 723640